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We want to help people feel the power of exercise, how it can benefit their health and eventually improve their quality of life. As individuals who are passionate about physical activity, we want to share with others what we believe in, and that being physically active is about a lifestyle change.


Train at the comfort of your home, or wherever you are and anytime that match your schedule


Plan the programmes based on your fitness goal that dive into every detail to ensure you achieve your fitness goal. Volume, Intensity, and Frequency that match your goals, abilities, schedule, and priorities


Prices are much cheaper as compared to a personal trainer at the gym and able to achieve your desired results

Competent Trainers

Experts trainers in different categories which able to guide you through the workouts

Support & Consultation

A dedicated professional fitness trainer is assigned to individual. They will support and guide you through when you are confused and don’t know how to do

Progression Checking

Assess your fitness progression monthly. Get modified programs based on your latest progress that fits you best

Get Started!

6-month Membership

  • Personalised Programme
  • Group Consultation 
  • Monthly Result Monitoring/Assessment
  • Full Access to Demo and Exercise Clips

12-month Membership

  • Personalised Programme
  • Online Consultation (1-to-1)
  • Monthly Result Monitoring/Assessment
  •  Full Access to Demo and Exercise Clips

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Feel free to contact us. We’re keen to solve all enquiries for our program!