Community Fitness

A multitude of fitness and health services that ranges from the pre-schoolers to the senior community.

We have a multitude of fitness and health services that ranges from the pre-schoolers to the senior community.

Working closely with government agencies such as Ministry of Education, Health Promotion Board and tertiary institutions.

We customise programs for each specific age group with the common goal of promoting healthy lifestyle and active ageing to the public.

Our Services

  • Active Youth Recharge Program for Primary & Secondary School
  • Move It Feel Young for Seniors
  • Sport & Wellness Program
  • Gym Management for Tertiary School

Our school embarked on the Active Kids Programme by HPB in 2017, the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the Active Kids session, and were eagerly looking forward to the next session. The coaches were bubbly, active, and spread the right message on healthy habits effectively. Class management was good when faced with a larger group of pupils. The best part of the programme was the high success rate in getting many kids to manage or even lower their BMI.

Keming Primary School

We would like to express our thanks to your team for conducting 4 sessions of Active Kids Programme that were fun and enagaging for our SO students. Our students enjoyed the session very much. There were a variety of activities for the school to select. Coaches are warm, friendly and very reliable. They are also very accommodating to our needs.

Radin Mas Primary School

Introduction to Sport Nutrition

Introduction to Sport Nutrition

Sport nutrition, as its name suggests, is the nutrition required for athletes to enhance their sports performance. Anything can affect an athlete’s performance, and there are a few major factors – Timing of major competitions, diet, and genetics. Genetics will not be...

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The Benefits of Physical Activity

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Being physically active throughout the day is important for the growth and development of our children. Studies have shown that engaging in PA has a direct correlation to improved physical wellbeing – healthy physical growth, better bone and heart health. It has also...

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