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FiTSA Team Leads

We have a team of exercise science practitioners across various spectrums of life

Force 21 Equipment Pte. Ltd. comprises 3 business units: Defence, Technology and Services. Under the Services unit, Force 21 has Fitness & Health and Events Management. Fitness & Health provides a series of physical trainings and health workshops for all ages which promote active lifestyle and is managed by FiTSA.


FiTSA provides customised full spectrum of health and fitness services through different specialised units:


Force 21 Academy

Tactical Performance

Community Fitness

Corporate Wellness

At FiTSA, we are driven to provide sports-science based fitness solutions across all fitness levels and age groups. Our team is dedicated and passionate in imparting their knowledge through training, community engagement and health advocacy.
Vision and Mission


We aspire to be a prominent industry leader that provides premier and innovative solutions in the global arena.


To continuously augment our competencies and provide unparalleled solutions that inspire and create new possibilities that cater to customer needs.

FiTSA Values


We adhere to the moral principles of reliability, honesty, trustworthiness and accountability. We strive to live up to these standards by constantly remaining ourselves to do the right thing and demonstrate what we believe through our actions.


Delivering Value

We focus on value generation by being adaptable and effective. Our solutions are efficient and of the highest quality, thereby offering maximum value to our customers.


Knowledge Leadership

Being a thought leader in our fields, we exert strong influence and offer deep insight into ideas, technologies, strategies and operations, which are shared with our customers and stakeholders.


Collective Strength

We believe that we can achieve significantly more through the synergy of collective strength by fostering teamwork and encouraging open communication both internally and externally.



We adopt a people-centric leadership and management style. By aligning our corporate goals with our employees’ goals, we ensure that every member of the team can achieve their greatest potential through shared goals and direction.

Meet Our Team

Roy Chan

Roy Chan

Head, FiTSA

Attained a Masters in Sport Science (Research) with Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, Western Australia. His research topic was “Effects of Set-Repetition Configuration in Eccentric Exercise on Muscle Damage and The Repeated Bout Effect”, which had published 2 peer-reviewed journal articles with ECU and presented his Masters research at the European Conference for Sport Science (ECSS) 2011 in Liverpool, England.

Roy also worked with individuals and groups from all walks of life ranging from special needs population (e.g. autistic, hypermobility and hyperactive) to general population (adults, children from 7 years and post-surgery rehab), and sport specific groups (Netball, Basketball and Dragonboat). He delivered Sport Science modules for undergraduates of ECU in Singapore. Roy brings along his vast experiences in training, lecturing and research in FiTSA’s line up.

Chan Zhen Wei

Chan Zhen Wei


Graduated with a Bachelors in Human Movement from University of Western Australia and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association in USA.

Zhen Wei specialises across the life spectrum and is able to cover the fitness training from pre-school, adolescence, young adults to elderly. As an ex-physical education teacher coupled with his deep knowledge in strength and conditioning, he also creates curriculum to suit the various projects. Through his constant interactions with different people, Zhen Wei builds strong relationships with the various partners of FiTSA both in and out of work.

Raymond Chen

Raymond Chen

Senior Executive

Graduated with a Bachelors (Honours) in Sport Science and Management from Nanyang Technological University. Raymond had covered a spectrum of fitness, health and wellness programmes from Ministry of Home Affairs and Health Promotion Board. With his prior project management exeperience from Active Youth Recharge and Temasek Polytechnic Sports and Wellness, he is appointed as the project manager of Move It, Feel Young 2019. Raymond also creates contents for Temasek Polytechnic Sports and Wellness, and Active Youth Recharge lesson plans with his sport science knowledge.

Leon Chng

Executive, Tactical Performance

Certified as a Fitness Instructor with Sports SG and a Fitness Instructor during SAF and Sports SG gym supervisor, Leon Chng is also a certified Muay Thai trainer, head trainer and project lead for the Special Fitness Classes project for the Army’s IPT, and basketball coach (NCAP).

Furthering himself in health and wellness certification, he pursued education in Post Graduate Diploma and eventually a Master’s Degree in Social Science and (Advanced) Professional Counselling with Swinburne University as well as other fitness and health certifications like Fitness nutrition by ISSA, Precision neuromuscular therapy and Holistic brain development coaching work, courses and certification.

Hannan Bahrom

Hannan Bahrom

Executive, Tactical Performance

Graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation as well as a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science in Australia. Hannan is a Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist, and TRX Suspension Trainer with over 10 years of coaching experience in fitness and rugby. He has 13 years of experience in personal coaching and 5 years of experience in exercise rehabilitation. With his strong fitness background and education, he will be managing the fitness aspects for various Tactical agencies in Singapore (e.g. Singapore Armed Forces and Ministry of Home Affairs) and ensure the highest quality of training services are being provided.

Travis Woodford

Travis Woodford

Training Executive, Community Fitness

Graduated with a Diploma in Sports Coaching from Replublic Polytechnic and is a certified IAAF CECS Level 1. Travis was a project manager for Sports and Wellness programs in Temasek Polytechnic, and has experienced as a IPPT Tester. He also actively involved in sports such as Cycling and Triathlon. He was National Athlete in Cycling (2010-2015) and participated in various sports events such as SEA Games, Professional Cyclist, Asian Cycling Championships, Professional Triathlete, Asian Champoinship for Triathlon, and Yputh Olympic Games. With his past experiences, he is the project manager of Active Youth Recharge (Secondary) and Gear Up.

Joelynn Tan

Joelynn Tan

Training Executive, Community Fitness

Graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science from Republic Polytechnic. Joelynn was a physiotherapy assistant and student care educator. She has experienced in conducting physical training sessions for patients from the neurology department and sports and games for students in the center. With the past experiences, she works as a Trainer Executive who is heading the Active Youth Recharge Program (Primary) and Diabetic Prevention Program with Health Promotion Board.

Maybelline Toh

Maybelline Toh

Fitness Administrator

Certified Human Resource Administrator by HR Singapore, and graduated with an International Diploma in Computer Studies from National Centre for Information Technology (UK). Maybelline has 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Administrative matters. As a Fitness Administrator, she oversees all the administrative matters relating to Diabetic Prevention Program (DPP), Active Youth Recharge, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Sports and Wellness, and Move It Feel Young Projects.